Wide Legged Pants of the new era

Wide leged pants or genie pants, as what I want to call them have always been my favorite. Whenever I'm not comfortable showing my slim legs neither to wear skinny pants, my wide legged pants are always to the rescue. This kind of pants can be worn from business to casual style. And do you know what does this pants remind me of? The 70's style! Yes! The hippie era of "disco look" where wide-legged, flare jeans, trousers, and platform shoes are the main scene in street runways.  
But because time has changed, fashion and style has evolved. The wide legged pants of the present day may have some new twists, but this style will surely be classic and will last for another decade or so.

Stay Clasual!

Top H&M/Pants Ever new/Shoes and Bag Charles & Keith

Dear Single You

Dear Single You,

Maybe you have already noticed in Facebook and Instagram that most of your friends and acquaintances are already engaged or married, and living a so-called "Happy Life". And here you are in your mid-20s, single, and wondering "When will be my turn?". I know you have your own fair share of heartbreaks and disappointments. And I also know that there was a time in your life that you believe that happy endings are really meant for some other people, and not you. I also know that you begin to wonder if there is really someone that is brave enough to choose you and fight for you. And that no matter how hard you tell yourself that he does exist, you really doubt if that is true.Well guess what. It is true! and you have to believe in every fiber of your being that it is true. You have to have faith that he'll find you. You have to believe for you to see it. Stop asking yourself if there's anything wrong about you, because really, there is nothing wrong with you. You just made the wrong decision to love the wrong people.But loving the wrong people is not really a mistake, because if not for them, you will never realize what you want and what you deserve. In every wrong decisions there are lessons. And sometimes, we have to fall really hard, face down, just to understand that lesson we need to learn. There is nothing wrong with you. 

If people say that you are too intimidating that's why you're still single, or you're too shy, or you're too snobbish, or because you are too successful - DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. I don't get why you have to change yourself just for other people to notice you. You don't have to please anyone. If that change will make a better person, go! I'll support you. But if that would mean to hook up with other guys just for you to say that you are in a relationship, is a big No-No. Being in a relationship won't guarantee that you will be happy. Sometimes, it will make you more miserable because it's not a healthy relationship. Do not settle from what you deserve. I know deep inside you're heart you know what you deserve, and stick to it. Don't get envious or jealous just because other people found "The One". You will also meet him soon. You just have to have faith because I know that God is already guiding him to you. You just have to wait. 

Just think of it this way, while other people already got their happily ever after, you're love story - the greatest love story that will ever told - is just about to begin. I always believe that one day, the person who broke your heart - the one that made you single right now - you will thank him for giving you up. You will thank him for letting you go, because that paves way for "The One" to come into your life. Then everything will make perfect sense why God made you single and why it never worked out with anyone else. So while you are waiting for him, be the best person that you can possibly be. Because once he finds you, there's no turning back.

from the girl who knows exactly what you feel

Reiss Riviera Spring Summer 2014 Lookbook

Black and White pictures are fascinating to look at. It gives more drama and effect to photograph that is already gorgeous. I stumbled upon Reiss Riviera on pinterest, and I just love how dramatic her lookbook shots are - not to mention, very nice collection. Reiss is a an English brand that was found by David Reiss. Their designs are modern, edgy, classic, and iconic with the celebrity following from the Royal family to Hollywood stars.

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Clasual Look: Summer is coming

Summer is coming! I won't deny that summer is my favorite season. I don't mind the scorching heat of the sun. All I know is that I'm excited to hit the beach and feel the sunshine on my skin. Just like this dress that I got from Top Shop. I've been a fan of well-fitted dress but this one is extra special.because, of well you know, that sexy style it got on the back. I like the way it is - not showing too much skin but still sexy. Don't you think?

Stay Clasual!

What I'm wearing
Sunnies by Charles & Keith
Dress by Top Shop
Heels by Stradivarius

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