Clasual Style Tips: Rules to wear your Off Shoulder top

Off-shoulders are perfect for pear shaped body because the goal is to elongate your figure and not to get attention in the bottom part of your body. So the key is always to accentuate your top half. Off-the-shoulders are making a come back this season. However, whether we like it or not, this classic piece doesn't suit for everyone. There is a certain rule that we need to follow if we want to get our hands in this sexy and classy top.

1. Start with a solid. I always have this one rule whenever I'm nervous to take risk when it comes to styling, and that is always wear solid colors. Whether it's black, dark blue, or white, solid colors are the safest to wear because these are the basics in styling.

2. Mix and Match. Off-shoulders can be worn with anything from full blown midi skirt to genie pants which are very classy and feminine. If you want to go casual, pair your off-shoulders with a skater skirt or a skinny pants with matching killer shoes and a statement bag.

3. Show it Off. This classic piece is not meant to hide or cover up. This is meant to be flaunted in street runway. There's no need to be shy because after all, your main goal is to accentuate your asset which is your shoulder.

4. Keep it Simple. A fabulous pair of shoes or a statement bag is all you need with an off-the-shoulder top. keep your neckline bare and simple. I prefer not to wear any necklace if I want to wear off-shoulder because I want them to see my collar bones. After all, not everyone has it!

Stay Clasual!

Top by Kelly Green
Wide Legged Pants by Cole Vintage

Isuu: 100 top style bloggers

I started fashion blogging a year ago when I met a fashion blogger friend when I was still living in Singapore. She was the girl behind Think Runway which is really a cool fashion blog. I started following other fashion bloggers such as Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook, Song Of Style, Glamourai. I also love other local fashion bloggers such as Kim Jones of Miss Jones, Camille Co, and Tricia Gosingtian of Tricia will go places Admiring their Fashion sense and styles made me love fashion in a whole new level. I wanted to be a fashion blogger not because I wanted to be famous like them. I decided to be a fashion blogger because I know that somehow I can also contribute, and hopefully inspire other girls not be afraid to show the world of who they are through their style. 

 Everyday I found myself browsing lookbook and pinterest to see the styles of other fashion bloggers around the world. That is why when I stumbled upon a publishing website called Issuu - world's fastest-growing digital publishing platform with nearly 80 million monthly visitors and 18 million publications - and found a look book of 100 top fashion bloggers in the world, I can't help but to be in awe of their sense of styles. You know what I love about these bloggers? They always break the boundaries and rules of fashion. And you know what is more exciting about issuu? you can even make your own publication! Isn't that cool?! Anyway, here is Angela Gilltrap's inspired: Top 100 style Bloggers | 2014 edition

Clasual Look: Take Risk, Wear Midi


My term break in Ateneo Graduate School has just started, and that means that I have plenty of time to focus on my corporate work and business. This past couple of weeks, I have been very anxious about the next collection of Kelly Green. This is very important to me, and to my business partners because we took a big risk in joining our first ever bazaar and fashion photoshoot which I will share to you on my next up coming posts. I always believe that sometimes, if you want a bigger and better reward, you have to take risks. We all know that having a business, especially a start-up business, will never be easy. God knows I'm always nervous whenever we are launching our collection. Will people buy it? Are they going to like it? Are we going to sell all the items? These are the questions I frequently asked myself. Luckily, our first two collections were almost sold out. I guess, somehow, it works.

I once read from Paulo Coelho that in life there's no such thing as failures and victories, only movement. Life is an exciting game. You'll never know whether you'll gonna win or you'll gonna lose, unless you take risk. But remember, whatever you want to conquer in your life, it's a good thing that you should always dress better than your competition.

Stay Clasual!

Top and Skirt by Kelly Green
Shoes by Aldo

Clasual Corporate Look: Dress for Success

One of the perks of being on a corporate world is to always dress up to impress your boss, colleagues, and to get the attention of that cute officemate of yours. There are always Do's and Don'ts in the workplace, and most of the times, dress codes must be strictly followed. I always follow one rule when it comes to dressing up in the office - Dress for Success. 

Dress Up in a way that people will respect you. Do not wear mini skirts in the office or anything that shows too much skin. If you want people to take you seriously, dress up professionally. Don't wear bright colors like neon green, or bright pink. Dress like a boss. Success can also be attributed with how you carry yourself and how much you exude confidence. So in any given day, even if you are stress and depress, always always be well dress.

Stay Clasual!

Top from Bangkok
Skirt from Stradivarius
Heels from Charles and Keith

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