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Has anyone of you seen the movie 27 dresses? The main character played by Katherine Heigel is almost like me. I've been a bridesmaid for god-knows how many times already. I've worn different types of dresses. There's the cocktail dress, bright color dresses, dark color dresses, weird-themed dresses, etc. And just like Katherin Heigel in the movie, I kept all the dresses that I used in every weddings I attended to. Apart from the bride, one of the highlights of the wedding is the dresses of the entourage. For a fashion savvy like me, dresses are as much as important as the wedding gown. Ofcourse, bridesmaids also want to look beautiful on the wedding day! Usually, the dresses will depend on what the brides want, and as a bridesmaid, you don't have any choice but to comply. Although, you already know what the dress will look on you - and that is the dilemma of every bridesmaid. 

Being a bridesmaid is a tough job. You can't say no to the bride if you don't like the dress you're gonna wear. In every weddings I have to attend to, I am very particular about the dresses of the entourage because it will simply tell you what kind of fashion sense the bride has. Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of pictures from other weddings that really  has an awful design of gowns. And I really can't help but to ask myself, "What the hell does the bride thinks?!" Bridesmaids are not guinea pigs. You cannot just ask them to wear out-of-this-world dresses because you think it looks cute. Please, my dear soon-to-be brides, spare the bridesmaids. 

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a wedding of one of my closest and oldest friend. And I have the privileged to be one of her bridesmaid. Like I said, I've been a bridesmaid for so many times already, but this wedding is my favorite, out of all the weddings I attended to (no offense to my other friends who also got married, I love your weddings too!). The reason why is because of this dress. I only have one word to describe the dress, REGAL. I love the cut and the design of this dress. I've never really felt so beautiful on a wedding day! The royal blue color compliments my skin really well. I also like how my make-up was done because it may seems very light, but, at the end of the day, it didn't smudge, and I didn't end up having dark circles around my eyes. I personally ask the hair stylist to fix my hair like that, because I want a laid back and not-putting-too-much-effort look.

My friend's wedding is one of the most beautiful weddings I witnessed first hand. I was so happy for her. Every girl deserves a happy ending, and I'm so happy that she finally got her own happily ever after. And I also believe that someday, I will no longer be a bridesmaid, but a beautiful, gorgeous bride. And I know it's just a matter of time before I get my turn.

Stay Clasual!

Depths of her heart

She keeps on wishing and searching for the right person to come into her life, but she's not even sure if she's ready to the responsibility of commitment. And she's not sure if she's brave enough to get hurt again, because she doesn't want to go through the pain anymore. She's scared. She's scared that she might choose the wrong person again. She's scared to be rejected again. She is scared to get her heart broken. Her heart has suffered enough pain already. And she's not sure if her heart can handle another pain again. The last time she fell in love she thought she was ready. She thought she was ready to the joys and pains of falling in love. But she's wrong. No one will ever be ready when your heart is broken. No one wants to get their heart broken. She was ready to love at that time, but she chose the wrong person to love. she never understood the phrase "guard your heart" until she was broken into pieces and none of her was left anymore. She has already put the past behind her. She has moved on. And everyday her heart is full of hope that one day, she's gonna meet that one person destined to be with her. But she's scared that If she tell herself that she's ready to love, she might choose the wrong person again. She's not good at choosing the right person to give her heart to. And so everyday, she's asking God to choose the right person for her, and to give her heart to the person who truly deserves it. She's not asking for a perfect love story, neither a perfect partner. She just wants to be with someone who's brave enough to choose her, who will never let go of  her hands, and will love her truthfully and faithfully. She's the girl who's waiting all her life to her one true love. She's the girl who wishes to be an exception to the rule. She's the girl who secretly still believes in fairy tales and happy endings. She's the girl who's waiting for someone to climb the walls she built, and to teach her to trust again. She's the girl waiting to be saved. 

Kelly Green at Zalora Market Place

Kelly Green has a new home! I never thought that this would be a reality sooner than what we expected. For those of you who read my last post here, I mentioned that we are working for a new partnership for Kelly Green. And last week, it has been official! Kelly Green is now in partnership with Zalora Market Place! For those who don't know, Zalora MarketPlace is an exclusive fashion community of local independent boutiques. Since you can do almost everything online, including shopping, Zalora is the best way for you online shopaholics to get the latest trend and style, and even those that are not in the stores anymore! I'm so excited because in Zalora, you can pay through credit card or pay upon delivery, it's free shipping, and you can return the item within 30 days! Zalora is big in Asia - they have it in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. And here in the Philippines, Filipinos are not that really opened yet when it comes to online shopping because there are a lot of scammers, and sometimes, you don't get a good quality of dress online. But here in Zalora, we can guarantee you that everything is in their best quality. So being part of the Zalora family, is a major breakthrough for Kelly Green. and to celebrate our launch, we are offering 20% discounts on selected items.
Come and visit Kelly Green in Zalora Marketplace.

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Clasual Look: Running errands in style

For a busy girl like me, being comfortable in my clothes is the top priority. I don't like wearing heels while driving from and to suppliers. I must admit that lately, flats has always been my go to wear. Being lazy to dress up while you still want to look fab is the most important thing to remember. Who knows? You might bumped into Mr. Destiny! And ofcourse, you want him to see you as chic as possible! right? Structured shorts or statement shorts is always the first thing that comes into my mind when I don't want to exert effort in dressing up, but still want to stand out, like this pink pastel structured shorts I got from Bershka. As I grow older, I realized that being classy and simple is what should define your style. 

Lately, I have been so busy with the new partnership I'm working on with regard to Kelly Green. I never thought that putting up a business is really challenging. But backing out is not in our vocabulary. I'm going to let you know in my next coming posts, about this! I'm so excited! Hint: Kelly Green's new partner starts with a 'Z'

Stay Clasual!

Top by Ever New
Shorts by bershka
Flats by Aldo

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